photo © Simon Norfolk


“Unseen London” - a new title by Hoxton Mini Press..

 Pleased to see a selection of my photographs included in this brilliant new title by Hoxton Mini Press...

“Unseen London” 
“London is one of the world’s most photographed cities, so you might think there’s nothing left to see. But you’d be wrong. Through the eyes of 25 contemporary photographers you can venture along hidden canals, around notorious housing estates, through surreal street scenes and deep underground”

Including a selection of my images taken deep under London whilst on assignment for National Geographic – a peeling back of the city’s skin to explore the hidden histories unearthed by archaeologists working on the Crossrail development. Here, Roman-era skulls photographed 70m below their discovery place in the construction tunnels of Crossrail in what will be the concourse between Moorgate and Liverpool St Stations. The stones jammed in the eye socket would confirm this as possibly the washout from a flooded cemetery. Pitting on the surface of some of the skulls also suggests they were rolled in moving water. The skull on the middle shelf without the pitting was probably rolled whilst still ‘fleshed'.