photo © Simon Norfolk


Alt+1000 festival of Photography ...

Great seeing my work included in WARNING SIGNS by Project Pressure at the at the Alt+1000 Festival of Photography currently running until 22 September (2019) in and around Lake Taillères, the centre of Neuchâtel, also known as the “Siberia of Switzerland.”

Shown here: Visualising the melting of the Lewis Glacier, Mount Kenya. Using very long exposures made in the middle of the night I dragged a small basket of fire along the line of the glacier’s previous boundaries. Fire vs. Ice – a magnificent metaphor! The flame line shows the location of the glacierin 1934. It has since receded about 200m.

WARNING SIGNS exhibition: Mon–Sun, 10:00-17:00. Free admission.

Until 22 September (2019).

Lac des Taillères (La Brévine)